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Hello again. I am in USA too. This is my third trip. On this time I mustn't flow alone. A German sheepdog was also in the Plain. My people became the Greencard. So I had to white for a long time as we arrived in Boston. All the luggage was gone. Only I stood still there. So I was sooo happy as they came to pick up me.

We've made nice trip in Mount Washington Valley.

On May 8th, we was on doubbleheat. The view was so nice, you can saw Canada.

We've lived in a big 5th Wheeler on Saco River Campground Area in North Conway. I like it.

On May 20th, We watched to the Glenn Ellis Falls. After we walked via Lost Pond to the Pinkham Notch.

End of June we walked on Pinkham Notch too. We went to Lila's Ledge. The view was great.

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