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On end of june we're travelled to Canada. Our first Campground was Camping Lac des Cèdres in St Lazare PQ.


My family went to Omega Parc, Montebello PQ.

You can drive with car through the park.

Next stop was in Kingston ON. We had a great evening.

From Kingston we went to Toronto, KOA West Campground. In the morning I was running with Werner and Florian.

When my family walk through Toronto so I was on Campground.

Old City Hall, 1899

I can't went to the Lion Safarie Park. I had to stayed on Campground. Not so bad, Werner stayed by me.

It was so bored, I can't went to the airplane Museum too. Werner made a round flight with a Northamerica

 Beatrice stayed at this day by me.


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  Ritter Werner und Beatrice
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