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This is my second trip to USA.

This time the flight was too long. We had 1 houre delay, they had trouble with the technic.  I was very happy when we landed in Boston, Logan Airport.  With the car we drove to Concord N.H.  We stayed over night in Best Western hotel in Concord. The next day we arrived at our friends in Jackson N.H. I was so happy to see them again.

2003_0910_213658AA.jpg (38622 Byte) On September 9th we're travelling to Maine. Our first campground was on Lake Pemaquid.
Maine.gif.gif (39944 Byte) We visided the Maine coast. On this day we went to Pemaquid Lighthouse. This is the same Lighthous who is on State-Quarter 2003.

Ritter Werner und Beatrice
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