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Travelling 2007

This year we bought 2 bikes and a dog-trailer.  It is a Croozer Dog-Trailer, we bought it by:

We made a long trip. We started on May 13th and came back on July 3rd. Till West Virginia was the weather not so hot and we can made a lot of bike-excursions.


Nicholson PA,  Lackawanna RR,

Constraktor: David W Flickmir,  build 1912-1915

West Virginia; Highway 19; New River Bridge,  Construction time: 4 years and 4 months, completed in1977, 3030 feet long. At 876 feet above the river it is America's 2nd- highest bridge.

Lake Lanier Island Resort, It was a great place to stay for 8 days. 

We visited Atlanta. But it would be the hotest day on this vacation, 99F. So we give up and leave the city after 3 hours.

We visited Stone Mountain. highest Point on Atlanta, But we can't go with Mistral on the top of the Mountain. Pets are prohibited.

In Marietta we visited Gone with the Wind museum.

We need a break so we rent a boot. Mistral liked it very much.

Ritter Werner und Beatrice
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